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I Believe that everyone can live their dreams

… this is why I became a coach! I truly believe that everyone has the right to dream and the capacity to make his or her dream come true. Sometimes, we don’t see the path clearly or we dismiss our dreams as crazy or unealistic. We all need someone to champion us, someone who believes in us and helps us believe in ourselves. I want to be that person for you. And I want to help you create new paths when you think you have reached the end of the road. This is my mission, not just as a coach but in life. 

Is Coaching for me?

Coaching is a process in which the coach and the client engage to support the client in life changes, personal growth or in achieving a specific goal.

In contrast to therapy, coaching is focussed on the present and on possibilities in the future, rather than on past problems. It is less focussed on analysing problems and more geared towards finding solutions and taking action.

Unlike advice, mentoring or consulting, coaching does not focus on the knowledge and experience of the coach, but seeks to unlock the full potential and knowledge of the client. The aim of coaching is to empower the client to solve his or her own problems.

As a coach, I believe that everyone has everything they need already within them. Sometimes, it takes support and the right questions from the outside to access our inner wisdom. I am here to provide that support and ask those questions.

Whole Person Coaching®, as the name suggests, focusses on the person as a whole, including the heart, mind, body and spirit.

Whole person coaching is based on the idea that all those parts are interconnected and affect each other. In the coaching practice, wisdom can be derived not just from our logical mind but also from our body language, our feelings and our spiritual awareness. The concept of whole person coaching also means embracing the whole person as they are, including all aspects of someone’s personality. 

If you want to make some big or small changes in your life, have a big dream you finally want to chase or a small goal you struggle to reach, or you simply feel stuck in your life and want to move forward, then coaching definitely is for you. However big or small the challenge you are facing, you do not have to face it alone.

Coaching is also for you if you want to reclaim your power and start taking full responsibility for your life.

If you want someone to solve your problems for you and hand you the solutions, than coaching – at least with me – is not what you are looking for. I know there are plenty of so-called “coaches” out there who will give you what you want, but I believe that the only sustainable way of helping someone is by empowering them to help themselves.

First of all, I need to tell you that coaching is not some magic trick that all of a sudden makes you richer, happier and healthier. You will still need to do the work. If that is the case, then what do you need a coach for?

Having someone who truly listens to you with the only agenda of understanding and supporting your journey can catalyse change a lot faster than any other technique. Through coaching, you will get to know yourself better and finally understand what has held you back and how to overcome the seemingly invincible obstacles in your life.

A coach can act as a mirror, a guide, someone who challenges you and holds you accountable and someone who champions you when no one else does.

If you’ve found the right coach, magic can happen after all.

What is coaching all about?
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Are you interested? I offer a 30min free call to find out how I can best support you.

How does this work?

1. Connecting

First, you get in touch with me either through the link above or via e-mail at We will schedule a meeting to get to know each other.

2. Getting to know each other

We will then meet for a free 30 min (video) call, preferably via Skype or Zoom. In this initial call, we will talk about your goals and how I can be of service.

3. Making an agreement

If you decide to go ahead with the coaching relationship, we will agree on an initial coaching plan, the fees and payment option. I will send you an electronic contract.

4. Coaching

We will start coaching according to our agreement. You can always add more hours and change the focus of our sessions. Always remember, it is your session and I want you to get the most out of it!